How I work as a counsellor

Counselling, as I practise it, is an opportunity for you to explore your life, and to develop a deeper understanding of your experiences. Through this greater self-awareness, it is hoped that you will be more able to stand back from your life and make the choices that are right for you. It is also hoped that, through talking about your experiences in a warm and non-judgemental environment, you can come to accept all the different sides of yourself more fully, and feel happier and more confident about who you are.

My job is to try and create an understanding and accepting environment in which you will be able to talk about whatever concerns you, and go into it in as much depth as you want. I see myself as a kind of fellow traveller to my clients, walking alongside them in their journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to describe what they see in more detail, and helping them to make sense of it as fully as possible. On this journey, I'll be using all my skills and knowledge to help you understand yourself better, but I won't be leading the way. Not because I think you need to do it for yourself, but because I almost certainly won't have the answers. After all, if you've been struggling with a concern for a number of years, there's little chance that I'll immediately know what you should do. So I see my job as to help you further your own self-understanding – but if I do think I can see something that you can't, I won't hold back from expressing it.

Counselling is a safe place to bring difficult issues and feelings of any kind. It may, sometimes, be an uncomfortable experience. However the counselling relationship enables you to process these difficulties, to discover healing and/or resolution and also to obtain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself.

The approach I use is called Person Centred. You can find more information about this approach to counselling through PCTScotland an organisation of Person Centred Counsellors in Scotland or through BAPCA a UK organisation for the Person Centred approach.

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My experience and qualifications

I have been a practicing counsellor since 1998.

I have professional accreditation as a counsellor with the British Association Of Counselling And Psychotherapy (BACP) and practise following their ethical framework.

My qualifications include:


My normal working hours are 10am – 8pm Tues to Thurs. (i.e. my last appointment starts at 7pm). I can sometimes offer appointments outside these hours.

Appointments usually last for 1 hour and occur weekly or fortnightly. Although this is not fixed and will depend on your needs and we can decide this when we meet.